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We cover a wide range of aerial based services in Nevada

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The breadth of our rotor-wing project types is industry leading.

About GeoHeli Services in Nevada

FREE, Dedicated Helicopter Logistics Specialists

Because we believe you should never have to speak with a receptionist, we are the only rotor-wing logistics contractor to provide free consultations from responsive, dedicated specialists. Call us for any type of project, anywhere in the nation.

Our Focus

Developing long term relationships by helping our clients build their businesses through helicopter logistics.

Helicopter Consulting

Providing multiple service options, we advise which helicopter, pilot, or on-site plan is best suited to your project.

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Our Helicopter Service Record Benefits Nevada


Projects Completed on Time & Within Budget


Full Client Satisfaction


Safety Record on Projects


What Our Clients Think About GeoHeli in Nevada:

  • Kathleen W.


    [GeoHeli] provided an Air Crane carrying 2 cooling tower units that needed to be lifted and set onto a campus roof. The services were handled professionally and we were pleased that everything went according to plan. We would recommend [GeoHeli] to another contractor requiring the same services. The team is very good with communication which is crucial in trusting the services received. We were very concerned about needing to pay in advance of our service, however the team showed up on time and everything was handled as promised. We chose [GeoHeli] mostly due to the continued communication between Mauricio and the Project Manager. We had several questions and their responsiveness was important to us.

  • Josh P.

    Project Manager

    We used [GeoHeli] to set 116 roof top units. They were very professional, well trained, and were done in 6 hours. The process of setting this up was much easier than the company we normally use. [Paying in advance] is different than what we are used to, but I would do it again without question. Fair Lift made my life so much easier than normal. They took care of all the leg work and asked all the right questions the first time. Where in my past experience it requires 45 phone calls and emails to get all the information needed. I would reiterate that they were professional, on time, very efficient and I would use them again.

  • Roger E.

    Regarding the RTU replacement at Columbia Mall in Columbia MD the work was done quickly and professionally. I would definitely trust this company as our work was completed safely and professionally. We understand that because of scheduling and permits, and initial investment on their part, that it's necessary to pay in advance. We choose [GeoHeli] because they were quick to get back to us with a price that worked for our budget. They were also very courteous. Should the occasion arise in the future, we would definitely give [GeoHeli] a call.

  • Rochel K.

    [GeoHeli] always rises to the occasion, for any helicopter service imaginable! Their customer service, efficiency and delivery is above and beyond! You can count on [GeoHeli] for a team that is reliable, trustworthy and extremely helpful! I choose [GeoHeli] because I know that whatever I need, they put their time and effort into making it happen. Working with [GeoHeli] means that you can have full assurance and confidence in any event or occasion you are planning!!!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Flight time, time on site, standby time, fuel, fuel truck, site inspections, FAA flight plans, pilot, per diems, and aircraft capability requirements are taken into account, among other costs. Even among the same class or specific helicopter type, pricing can vary wildly. Helicopters are limited, which leads to opportunity cost pricing. Your project needs to be more beneficial than other opportunities, and, because we have unparalleled access to a variety of aircraft, we routinely find our solutions to be beneficial to clients. The variance from project to project requires us to determine pricing on a project specific basis.

Class restricted airspace, part certifications (e.g. part 133 = external load certification, where part 135 = passenger charters), landing clearance, load limits (internal & external), fuel burn rate, equipment limitations, and pilot experience are some considerations we take into account on your behalf.

Primary Pros: (1) Ability to hover (2) Smooth movement (3) Wide angle of view (4) Superior external attachment capacity for LiDAR and filming systems (4) High precision of data collection (5) Land in virtually any permitted location.
Con: Because of flight speeds and fuel capacities, fixed wing aircraft offer greater benefit for incredibly large areas.

Our weight limits are dependent upon how each load can be broken down, where each helicopter has different capabilities. We routinely lift between 100 and 22,000 lbs, with most requests falling into the 1,000 to 4,000 lb range. With that said, we can transport millions of pounds, as long as each pick is below the helicopter’s specific limit. Below are the general capacities, according to each class of helicopter.
  • >1,000 lbs - Ultra-light
  • >2,000 lbs - Light
  • >4,000 lbs - Middleweight
  • >6,000 lbs - Heavy
  • >22,000 lbs - Ultra-Heavy
Why Choose Us

Why Our Clients Like GeoHeli:

Safety First

Aircraft & pilot FAA certifications. On-site safety briefings. Congested area flight plans. Rigging inspections. We take all precautions and use the safest methodology.

Efficient Results

Optimal routes. Reduced mobilization costs. Each helicopter service request is customized.

Last-Minute Scheduling

We’ve satisfied numerous clients who called us with a short-notice deadline. Because our logistics experts have a pilot’s relevant knowledge, we are more responsive than the competition.

The Only Unbiased Helicopter Contractor

We select the ideal pilot, aircraft, and equipment for your helicopter charter, lift, spray, or service request. Rather than own a limited, biased helicopter fleet, we vet and contract helicopter operators to ensure we have access to virtually every helicopter solution.